Posted on: July 1, 2008 7:46 pm

Blog Cabin: A-Rod won't play ball with fans

In the news...

I had to laugh when I read that Alex Rodriguez said he would refuse to participate in this year’s Homerun Derby. Typical. I mean, why would the best and highest-paid player in the game want to give anything back to the fans, right?

And, I know, he said that he wasn’t going to participate because the competition messes with his swing, and that his responsibility is to the New York Yankees... There’s no way I buy that. This is just one more small bump in a career that took a rocky turn as soon as it left Seattle in 2000.

It’s sad, really. Here’s a guy who should be the most beloved baseball player in the world, but for whatever reason, he just can’t do the things he needs to do to earn that mantle. Whether it be his reputation as a postseason choke artist, his incomprehensible salary, or just his attitude in general, A-Rod will never find a place in America’s heart.

Maybe he’s starting to realize that, too. He has to see the way that the fans and media have taken to Joba Chamberlain. I’m sure he’s witnessed the respect that former players like Don Mattingly and Yogi Berra garner. But, most importantly, I’m sure he knows that New York fans would rip the jersey off his back and use it to dry Derek Jeter’s feet.

A-Rod’s status as 3rd or 4th fiddle should have been obvious the moment he arrived in New York, and was promptly told to take his glove and “best shortstop of all time” title over to third base.

Jeter, by the way, is batting 40 points lower than Rodriguez this season, but hey, he did bring New York four championships.

These could all be reasons that A-Rod is choosing not to participate. He’s sending a big middle finger to all the fans who have underappreciated him.

Too bad he won’t be missed by the fans or the competition. In all three of his past appearances, A-Rod has finished the competition in sixth place. Two of those times, he was eliminated in the first round after only managing to hit two homers.

I doubt he would even go to the All-Star game if it didn’t make an impact in the Hall of Fame voting. I’m sure he would rather just pack up his private jet and take off with Madonna for the weekend.

What’s with that, anyway? I’m sure that, even with all the on-field issues, A-Rod should be able to pull hotter women than Madonna. After all, Madonna is like 60, man!

Hmm... Maybe Jeter has beat him to all the supermodels too?

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