Posted on: May 6, 2008 6:11 pm
Edited on: May 6, 2008 6:19 pm

Blog Cabin: Entire NFL under arrest

In the news...

Apparently, “Listening to police” is not one of the lectures given at the NFL’s rookie symposium. Come on, Cedric Benson, what were you thinking? Don’t you watch the news? Don’t you get the NFL police blotter... err... newsletter?

I’ve got to tell you all, I’m getting pretty tired of ripping these guys for acting like idiots, but every time I hear about these things, I just feel appalled that someone who has done so well could jeopardize things by making such idiotic mistakes.

It seems like, at least once a week, some NFL player gets himself in to trouble and then compounds things by resisting arrest.

I know that everyone makes mistakes. I get that. Even police make mistakes. The thing that confounds me is why these guys would decide to battle the law in any place other than a court room.

Next time you’re dealing with police, NFL players, look around yourself. If you see a parking lot, bar stools, a stripper pole or 15 of your friends drinking on a boat, just shut your mouth and do what anyone with a badge tells you to do.

If the officer looks at your driver’s license and doesn’t immediately ask for an autograph, you’ve already lost the battle. You have, unfortunately, drawn someone that doesn’t know who you are, or doesn’t care enough to let you off the hook.

NFL players have lawyers, too... good lawyers. Wait till they take you in, then get that card out of your wallet and make the call, Benson.

Here’s a little saying to help you remember: “Listen to police everyday, or you might taste the pepper spray.”

And make sure you relay that message to Rex Grossman, because if it was him on that boat, they may have used lethal force.

 From the Blogosphere...

Tennis blogger BlueCollarIT is confused by the parities in tennis pay. Why do doubles get paid less? Why do women get paid less in some tournaments, but paid the same in others?

Willie Randolph thinks that Mets fans are mean. Tartans thinks Willie is a wuss, and that the team deserves to hear the fans displeasure. An excerpt: "We’re booing a lack of run support for Johan, who has pitched his a$$ off. We’re booing a bullpen that can’t seem to keep runners from doing jogs around the bases. We’re booing a lineup that has more holes than the Playboy Mansion, with stars that aren’t doing a drop of what they’re paid to. We’re booing the apathetic crybaby attitude that seems to have pervaded this team."

OK, PETA, billdawg12185 wants to see you zip it. This horse racing fan has heard enough of yor "unfounded" and "crazy" accusations.
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