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Posted on: May 27, 2008 7:21 pm
Edited on: May 27, 2008 7:22 pm

Blog Cabin: Shut down Big Brown

In the news...

So, the possible Triple Crown winner has a crack in his hoof.

The horses’ trainer and a hoof-specialist have said that the injury isn't a big deal, but they haven’t really addressed the possibility of causing further damage by racing a horse with a cracked hoof.

It begs the question... What happens if Big Brown goes down?

After Eight Belles was put down immediately following a second-place finish in the Kentucky Derby, I’ve got to think that any in-race injury would spell a near-collapse for the world of horse racing.

I’ll admit that I’m no equine expert, but from what I understand, I’m not sure why they would even run Big Brown in this situation. I mean, the horse is already drawing ungodly stud money. Why risk it?

I’m sure the honest answer would be “more money.” Aside from the winnings and wagers, that stud fee would continue to skyrocket if Big Brown were to win the Belmont.

It’s probably why everyone involved with the horse continues to tow the company line. “He’s fine. He’s been angry because he hasn’t been practicing as much. The horse loves to run. The horse loves to have its picture taken. The horse is in no pain.”

That last one is kind of funny, actually. Right after hoof expert Ian McKinlay said that the horse isn’t in any pain, he went on to compare the injury to a finger nail cracked all the way up to the cuticle.

McKinlay even said, “You know how sensitive it is by the cuticle.”

Um, yeah... I do. And I damn sure wouldn’t want to keep tapping my finger if it felt like that.

As much as I want to see a Triple Crown winner, I hope they decide to keep Brown in the barn for this one. Thoroughbreds’ hooves are so fragile as it is, a horse in pain could seriously injure itself, the jockey or any other horse or rider on the track.

Don’t give them another excuse to destroy horse racing.

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