Posted on: June 12, 2008 7:38 pm

Blog Cabin: Milton Bradley needs more crazy pills

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Just when you started to think that Milton Bradley’s crazy pills were working, he goes and does something like this. It’s unfortunate, too, because he’s been absolutely on fire at the plate.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, here’s the brief version -

During a game, Kansas City announcer Ryan Lefebvre was commenting on how Josh Hamilton has been able to shake a cocaine problem, and has bounced back to become somewhat of a national fan-favorite. During the course of that conversation, Lefebvre also talked about how Bradley has been unable to distance himself from his own troubled past.

Bradley heard the comments after the game and, being the sane and rational person that he is, decided to run up the stairs towards the announcer’s booth. Fortunately for him, he was intercepted by the Rangers GM just feet away from his next suspension.

OK, got the picture? Good.

Anyone shocked? Yeah, me neither.

While I don’t think that Lefebvre’s comments were warranted, Bradley was clearly exercising some horrible judgment. If an opposing announcer wants to judge a player based on past events, or doesn’t like a guy who gets in to it with the hometown fans... so what?

What do you expect when you’re in the other guy’s yard? You have to let that go. You have to be a man, and a professional. If anyone should know that by now, it’s you, Milton.

Maybe he really should be on some kind of medication. He’s already been to anger management, and he’s made it extremely clear that he still doesn’t see his behavior as a problem. (Hey, maybe Lefebvre was right.)

After this incident, Bradley said, “All I wanted to do was introduce myself and tell him, ‘the stuff you’re talking about is uncalled for’.”

He even went so far as to say, “People would automatically assume that if I went to meet that guy that we were going to start fighting. That would be completely out of my character. I never had a fight in my life.”

Yeah, well, I guess busting your wife’s lip wasn’t that much of a fight, now was it, Milton? (That was one of three domestic violence calls that police responded to at the Bradley household in the summer of 2005.)

That’s right; your past follows you, Milton. It’s going to take people a while to forget what a world-class idiot you’ve been. And yes, some of them will never let you live it down.

You’ve got to understand that doing things like this is no way to...

Crap... From the banging sound on my front door, I would guess that Milton just got here to “introduce” himself.

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