Posted on: June 18, 2008 7:29 pm

Blog Cabin: Does anybody believe Chad Johnson?

In the news...

So, Chad Johnson had surgery today to clean out an ankle that was supposedly bothering him at the Bengals mandatory workouts. Oh, and he also has a sore back.


Sure, Chad, we believe you. There’s definitely no way that you and your agent, Drew Rosenhaus, could have cooked this one up as a way to punish the Bengals for not trading you.

Just like there’s no way that the general public would question the statements of someone who has been a loud-mouth, malcontent for most of his career.

Sarcasm aside, I think we all know that this is a power move on Chad’s part. He says he’ll be back to start the season, but we all expect him to try to sit until he’s traded.

I wouldn’t expect Cincinnati to play ball, though. The team has already said that it won’t trade Chad because it can’t get equal value.

Good for the Bengals, too. I hope they fine him, and if that doesn’t work, I hope they sit him and let him rot. Whatever they do, they can’t, under any circumstances, trade him to get him out of the way. These guys have to learn that they can’t bully management... even if slimy Mr. Rosenhaus is doing their bidding.

Cincinnati, maybe more than any other team in this situation, needs to hold firm. They’ve already cut ties with a few troubled players, and they are well on their way to reigning in the three-ring circus. To finish the task, they have got to get this one right.

Anyway, it might even be better for the team if he doesn’t play. Carson Palmer is sick of him. T.J. Houshmandzadeh seems to have had his fill of “Ocho-Cinco”. Plus, at this point, who’s to say he even gives it an honest effort?

Eventually, though, he’ll realize that he’s wasting games and money in the prime of his career. If he has any brain beneath that short Mohawk, he’ll also realize that he’s hurting his stock for the future.

Sure, someone will sign him after this ordeal (Dallas), but it won’t be as big of a contract as it would have been, especially since he’s coming off somewhat of a down year. How many teams nowadays can afford to take a chance on a guy like Chad Johnson?

Some, but not that many.

And by the way... 85 is “ochenta y cinco”. Idiot.

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