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Blog Cabin: Goodell takes a bite out of crime

In the news...

Roger Goodell may have flubbed up the Spygate scandal, but he’s making up for it with his improvements to the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

In what might be one of the best moves I’ve seen from a league commissioner, Goodell announced, yesterday, that teams will now face financial penalties for the actions of their players. According to the new policy, clubs will be fined if any player is suspended for disciplinary issues.

In related news: Pacman Jones was just cut by Dallas, and the Bengals have officially disbanded.

Actually, the Bengals might have the right idea for once. By cutting Chris Henry and Odell Thurman before the season, Cincinnati may have gotten ahead of the curve. If they're careful, and can limit this season's arrests to five or six, they may be able to break even.

Seriously, though... I wonder if Jerry Jones might like to have that Pacman trade back?

In any case, as someone who has written more than a few blog entries about the NFL’s criminal contingent, I think that this is exactly what the league should be doing with its time. It’s definitely a whole lot more important then worrying about the length of a guy’s dreadlocks, which, by the way, the NFL decided to table for a later date.

This is exactly how sports should be working. Players will now be valued both for the quality of their work, and for the quality of their character... except for rookies, who hold a magical value more precious then a diamond statue of Vince Lombardi.

I mean, that Matt Ryan deal is ridiculous, right?

From the Blogosphere...

OK, LSU Fans... How many of you know about all of the Tigers' incoming recruits? If there's any doubt in your mind, brush up with LSURay's Bayou Blog. Today, Ray tells the community about Chris Faulk, a monster offensive lineman.

Smorgie @ the Y wants to know what diamond chatter may translate well in the bedroom. I'm thinking this blog is on the verge of a volcanic eruption of replies.

The Lakers have advanced to the Western Conference finals, but how good have they looked in getting there? Deedsy404 has a game-by-game breakdown of the Lakers' round-two action.
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Blog Cabin: T.O. goes to Hollywood

In the news...

With the season only months away, NFL fans are sure to have one question on their minds: What is Terrell Owens up to?

This year, T.O. starts his media season with the news that he wants to become an actor. Wow, this guy is harder to pin down then a professional wrestler... and I don’t mean that in the physical sense.

First he was the bad teammate, then he was the hero, then he became the clown, then a suicide threat, then a good teammate and now he’s an actor. Actually, maybe he’s suffering from Herschel Walker-syndrome.

Whatever the case may be, T.O. does know how to get his name in the paper, and in the end, that’s probably what this is all about. I’m sure that he and his agent know that they had better start early if they’re going to compete for Dallas headline space with Jessica Simpson and Pacman Jones.

So, in his initial 2008 publicity stunt, Owens said he wants to be a Hollywood A-lister after his NFL career is over, and he thinks that getting a little screen time in Flavor Flav’s new show is a good start.

Seriously? That was the best you could do, T.O.?

I gave him more credit than that. He can’t possibly think that hanging out with Flav is his gateway to legitimate acting. Doesn’t he realize that he’s already 10 times more famous then Flavor Flav?

Not that it matters, though. Outside of a supporting role in an action flick, I think Under One Roof is about the best he can hope for in the world of acting.

Maybe he could do a reality show? T.O. is single, and he did say that he got along well with the giant-alarm-clock-wearing rapper. Maybe the Flavster can return as the host of another season of Flavor of Love... but this time they’re scouring the strip clubs for the future Mrs. Owens.

I smell a guest appearance by Pacman in next year’s Flavor of Love: 81 Flavors T.O. Love.

Ugh... this whole idea is making me increasingly nauseous the more I think about it.

How about this. What if Owens just focuses on catching footballs – something he’s had a little trouble with the last couple seasons. I mean, the last thing Terrell the football player needs is another distraction.

From the Blogosphere...

The NBA's regular season is only sightly more important that the NFL preseason. But, Baseball Jones does like to watch the playoffs... at least he did until the NBA got soft.

It's official; even the Red Sox faithful are starting to admit that Boston is becoming the Yankees of the 1990's. Check out Nuf Ced's blog for a scouting report on the next action, and a little insight about becoming the very thing he hates most.

Last time HALOS02 made this list he was bragging about how well his Angels were playing. This time, he's forced to ponder his team being swept by the Rays. Oh yeah, and the Lakers just lost twice in Utah. Tough week.
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Blog Cabin: Pacman fervor

In the news....

The Dallas Cowboys are trying to grab Adam "Pacman" Jones from the Tennessee Titans. Awesome. Another misguided soul is exactly what that team needs. Just imagine if they were able to land both Jones and Chad Johnson. Forget about the games, these guys would have more dysfunction than a Jerry Springer marathon.

Sure, Jones can still be an impact player, and could even help put them over the hump, but is it worth the locker room turmoil? To me, mixing Jones in with Tank Johnson and Terrell Owens sounds like a perfect recipe for disaster. I mean, the Dallas press is going to have  to hire more people just to follow these guys around. My suggestion: Just park the news van in the middle of Dallas, get out and listen for gunshots, ambulance sirens and that low, ugly rumbling sound created when two giant egos collide.

I know, Jerry Jones likes taking chances on great players that might not know how to behave off the field, and sometimes, it does work. Look at Michael Irvin and Leon Lett in the 90s. Well, maybe not Lett.

The problem is that these athletes, like it or not, are always in the public eye. They don't get to hide out in a strip club without being noticed. Of course, it also doesn't help if you roll up with a huge entourage and start throwing Benjamins around like it’s your job. That's especially true if you plan on taking the money back from the strippers at the end of the night. What? Why would you even THINK that could happen? I know that the "ladies" in music videos don't usually jump all over the money that rappers rain down, but these are real strippers. Their JOB is to jump all over money that guys throw at them.

Alright, enough about strippers and back to whether Pacman can actually still play after a year off. I think he will be a little rusty, but should still be a quality cornerback in the NFL.

So that brings us to the terms of the deal. The Titans want something back for Jones, a former first-round choice. The Cowboys need to rework the contract so, if he is a bust, he's only signed for one year, and can quickly go back to causing trouble off the field.

If I was Jerry Jones, I'd send a fifth-round pick to Tennessee and see how that goes over. Otherwise, Pacman will be reinstated and not playing - now that would be a waste of time and money. I say, take what you can get , Tennessee, and let Pacman chase ghosts (or strippers) in Dallas.

From the blogosphere...

DragonRider23 tells baseball fans not to sleep on the Baltimore Orioles. Don't sleep on them finishing in fourth place, that is. It's a good blog, but a sad, sad statement.

What are the top ten Division I football programs? Graystork has the answers, broken down by bowl winning percentage.

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The most wonderful time of the year... No, I'm not talking about Christmas. Kenwo42 says that right now is the best time to be a sports fan. Look at the choices: March Madness, the NFL Draft, the NBA and NHL playoffs coming up, the start of baseball and, of course, WWE Wrestlemania. Yep, you read that right. Believe it or not, this user breaks down all the matches.

Banned Poster has his thoughts on the San Francisco Giants upcoming season. The basic idea... well, I wouldn't put money on them...ever.
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