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Posted on: April 18, 2008 4:27 pm
Edited on: April 18, 2008 5:00 pm

Blog Cabin: Baseball is getting too soft

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I think baseball, and a lot of the fans, have finally started to get a little too soft for some of us old-school traditionalists.

This morning, I heard people, for the first time that I can remember, complaining that a baseball game went too long.

Last night, I watched as Boston refused to retaliate after Kyle Farnsworth buzzed a fastball behind Manny's head.

What happened to the game I knew? It’s always had its problems, but delicacy was never one of them.

It used to be that, if a game went longer than 14 or 15 innings, you were watching something special. It was history. It was an epic battle to find out which team wanted to win more than the other.

In the end, there would be a hero or a goat, and along the way you may see some of the most unconventional baseball ever played. You may see a second baseman come in to pitch. You could see pitchers pinch hitting or pinch running. Basically, it was two great games for the price of one.

Now that deal is too much for some fans? What, you guys can’t make it through one Friday on a couple hours of sleep?

OK, new rule: Unless you’re a surgeon or an assassin, you can probably survive being tired at work for one day. Actually, if you're an assassin you should probably be used to sleep deprivation, so surgeons are the only ones allowed to leave early.

As far as the Red Sox go, retaliation is not optional if guy goes headhunting for your teams’ MVP. Why Josh Beckett didn’t plunk A-Rod in the eight inning is beyond me. He knew he was almost done for the night, and he’s a big enough guy to hold his own if Rodriguez charged the mound.

There’s been a lot of that lately, though. A great hitter takes a couple fastballs square in the back... and nothing happens. I’m not saying you’ve got to bean anyone in the helmet, but at least knock somebody down. If I was Manny, I might have been inclined to have a few words with Beckett after that one.

As much as I hate to do it, I’ve got say that the Yankees did things the right way last night. Manny hit two dingers in the game, the second one of which was an absolute no-doubter. As usually, he decided to spend a little too much time standing at the plate admiring that one.

He showed up Mussina, and Farnsworth sent him a message. Anybody but Manny, and maybe that message means something. But, as we all know, Manny is Manny, and Manny is crazy.

I never thought I’d say this, but... nice job New York..

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Posted on: April 14, 2008 6:46 pm
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Blog Cabin:

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Turns out I was right about the Boston shirt debacle. Not only was there a Red Sox jersey buried beneath the new Yankee Stadium, but Hank Steinbrenner was actually crazy enough to go in and get it. What happened to the “mighty” Yankees? Is the New York psyche really so fragile nowadays?

Now that they have the cursed jersey, the Yankees are considering pressing charges against Gino Castignoli, the construction worker that left it there. Of course, I have no idea what those charges could possibly be. There couldn’t possibly be a “no-jersey-burying” law on the books.

Steinbrenner also suggested that other workers “kick the crap” out of Castignoli. Classy move, Hank. It’s good to know you’re carrying on in the rational and good-natured spirit that the Steinbrenner name is known for.

A trial would be fun to see, though, and it would certainly add a new element to what is already the best rivalry in sports. I can see it now, fans of both factions lined up outside the courthouse. There would be hundreds of rabid fans decked out in team gear, and screaming the baseball-related obscenities you can normally only hear when you watch these two teams face-off in person.

Unfortunately, the trial would take place in New York, where the Yankees and their management hold sway. (Any judge looking for some season tickets?) Now that I think about it, I wonder what kind of Gestapo tactics the Yankee brass used to pinpoint that buried shirt the way that they did.

I guess the old adage still holds true... The Yankees always get what they want.

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Blog Cabin: New York Yankees cursed by T-shirt?

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The New York Post is reporting that two construction workers added their own “special ingredient” while pouring concrete slabs for the new Yankee Stadium. The two men, both Boston fans, laid a Red Sox T-shirt into the mix that would eventually become the floor of the visitor’s clubhouse.

Some people are already saying that the story is a hoax, but I’m inclined to believe it. I have no doubt that two Boston fans would smuggle in a cursed talisman to bury with the foundation of their most hated rival. I mean, wouldn’t you?

I guess there would always be a chance that you would end up in a concrete block yourself if any of the Yankee-fans working on the site had found you with the shirt, but I still think it’s a chance you’ve got to take.

With one small endeavor, those two have sealed their immortality. Baseball is a game of superstition, after all, and if this new curse takes, these two will probably get statues right in the middle Quincy Market.

There’s only one problem I can see with their plan... they buried it in the worst possible part of the stadium. The visitor’s clubhouse? That’s the only part of the stadium that doesn’t usually belong to the Yankees. Maybe, as Red Sox fans, that’s the only part of the stadium they were allowed to build.

Either way, it could turn out to be a genius move. If they had left that shirt anywhere else, I think the Steinbrenner clan would have immediately sent in the goons with the backhoes. I still wouldn’t put it past them. If anyone lives in the area of the new stadium, keep watch for a late-night shoveling crew.

How funny would that be, T-shirt grave-robbers with picks and flashlights!? Better yet, what if they wore those miner hats with the lights on top? That would be priceless.

Well, I guess the hilarity of the situation would depend on your point of view. If Yankee ownership did decide to dig up the floor, New York fans might liken it to Indiana Jones supervising the dig for the lost arc.

Just the fact that this story could happen is the reason that I love baseball. When not controlled by steroids, this game is under the watch of sometimes cruel, but often comical cosmic forces. Yep, those baseball gods may have planted another great storyline along with that shirt.

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